Monday, March 28, 2022

You are Unique. Like Every Person Else

Today's #MarketingMonday shines the light on a key person in advertising - the prospect who is defined as "a person regarded as likely to become a potential customer or client."



* * * 

Over a decade ago, I recall listening to this episode of 'The Age of Persuasion' podcast. This particular episode is on marketing to the masses. Consider this:

"When you speak to thousands, or millions, you surrender the persuasive power of one-on-one intimacy."

Since advertising is mediated persuasion, your marketing message is best served reaching as many a population as possible. But for it to be effective, it should be aimed at one person at a time. Smart advertising doesn't speak to the entire market. It speaks to just one person.

So who is this one person?

This one person is the prospect. And just as you can lead a friend to go the right way in conversation, you fashion your message the same way in advertising.

* * * 

The Mass Audience is a myth. And since society emphasizes the individual over the group, we tend to believe that we are very different. But from an advertiser's point of view, these individuals are essentially the same. Quite ironic.

One more thing: Advertisers speak to what an individual believes, and then they expand it to the masses.

* * *

We are quite different and no two persons, even identical twins are exactly the same in the way we behave or respond to things. So yes, you are different. Just like everyone else!