Monday, March 21, 2022

Branding, Impressions and the Elements of an Advert

Today's post is essentially an index of sorts. 

It is however, not without substance since it points us two core ingredients of marketing: branding and advertising.

On Branding, it is worth noting that branding isn't about facts, it is about emotions. You store brands in your mind, not as chunks of information but by way of impressions.

The Age of Persuasion podcast has valuable insights on the 6 remarkable brands and more remarkable brands episodes.

Besides branding, advertising is mediated persuasion and it is one of the most visible and glamorized aspects of marketing.

The are several elements of an ad. These are:

  • interactions of words and visuals
  • attention-getting devices
  • humor
  • testimonials
  • music (with a focus on the jingle)
  • presenters
  • characters
  • drama
  • comparison

You can find details of the above elements in 'Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer' book which is available on Amazon.

* * *

The tenets of marketing and marketing have stayed true even with the passage of time and significant changes in ad delivery mediums. The times they are a changin', but it is important to keep customers satisfied.