Friday, January 1, 2016

Introducing Lasting Impressions

"You only get one chance to make a first impression."
- Will Rogers.

We also know that first impressions are most lasting. That, in essence, is why Lasting Impressions now exists.

Many of us are quite adept at starting and running business enterprises. Even the formally employed often retire to embark on business, or have side-hustle businesses which they invest in while their relatives or competently recruited professionals run and manage.

What many get wrong, however, is branding and marketing these businesses.
Even BIG companies fail at it, with Kenya's telecommunications industry being the best example.

In an article that was written almost 8 years ago on SitePoint, it is noted that one of the biggest mistakes small business people make is that they do not do any marketing. There are myriad reasons and excuses why this is the case, inasmuch as marketing basically boils down to two simple things:
  1. Figure out who might want what you sell.
  2. Ask the person/s to buy it.
Beyond this, marketing need not be expensive. Purely depending on word of mouth or repeat clients is not exactly the best way to scale and grow both your business and clientele.

Needless to say, all business thrives on relationships and relations are about trust. There is need to make not just a good first impression, but a lasting one.

Lasting Impressions is here to address and hopefully correct this disconnect. In coming days, we shall express considered insights and propose bold ideas on how we can better market ourselves and our businesses.

We aim to demystify marketing. By clearly explaining what advertising, public relations, market research, targeting, differentiation, segmentation, positioning, unique selling proposition, niches, copywriting, branding, logos, trademarks, media buying, consumer insights and many more terms.

Every month, Lasting Impressions will endeavor to talk to someone who works, or worked in advertising. Through their life and work, we shall gain an insightful glimpse at life through the lens of advertising.

We shall also publish case studies of highly effective and successful marketing campaigns - from the perspectives of the advertiser (client), the marketing agency involved as well as the audience and consumers who were targeted by such campaigns.

All going well, we shall have at least one post every single week. Hopefully till kingdom come.
In view of the foregoing, say hello to Lasting Impressions marketing services from Complit Communications.

In our next post:
What is Wrong with Marketing, especially Advertising in Kenya.

* * *

Well, it takes much more than a new year and a brand new computer to have a bright future in sales.